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Important Information


You will be required to wear a khaki uniform on site daily consisting of the following:

  • 4 x long-sleeve khaki shirts (available in male and female fits)
  • 1 parka heavy duty khaki jacket
  • 1 khaki fleece jacket
  • 4 x long khaki trousers (available in male and female fits)
  • 1 x pair of dark brown leather shoes or boots suitable for polish
  • 1 x dark brown leather belt

School Rules:

  1. PUNCTUALITY: Always in every situation.
  2. LITTER: Never allowed under no circumstances.
  3. CLEANLINESS: Of body and uniforms not negotiable.
  4. NEATNESS: Self, Rooms and Environments not negotiable.
  5. RESPECT FOR OTHERS: Privacy, Property and Space.
  6. SMOKING: Never indoors.
  7. CELL PHONES: Silent during lectures.
  8. SOCIAL ACTIVITIES OUTSIDE THE FARM: To be arranged with lecturers in advance, curfew 21h00.
  9. HOUSE MEETING: Every Monday morning 07h30.


You will have access to a wi-fi connection on site at the facility.


It is important to note that our Private Game Reserve is 30 Km away from Malelane and 50 Km away from Komatipoort (The two nearest towns). You will have access to a weekly shopping system. Students are welcome to bring their own transport, but will not require it for any of the functions on the Programme.

Work shift basis:

You will be on a 21-days-on with 7-days-off cycle and will need to strictly adhere to this schedule.

Public holidays:

Whilst on your 21-days-on cycle you will be required to be on duty on all public holidays.