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Alive! in Tourism Training Centre

A Multi-Skilled Tourism and Hospitality Programme  “For Future Industry Leaders, Designed, Operated and run by Industry Leaders

This is a unique opportunity for comprehensive training in a pristine environment at a fully operational multi segmented, working tourism model. Be qualified in tourist guiding (Nature and Culture) and hospitality services by a CATHSSETA-accredited service provider) After an exceptionally exciting time in your life, you can walk out multi-skilled and employable! (Assistance in job application given)

The programme at Alive! in Tourism combines three vital segments in the learning process, namely:

The Alive! in Tourism Training Programme is set apart from others based on Four Major Reasons

Alive! in Tourism Training Programmes Are Set Apart From Those Presented By Competitors For Four Major Reasons

Alive!PTLcc, operating as Alive! in Tourism is accredited by CATHSSETA (SETA for Culture, Art, Tourism, Hospitality, Sport). (SAQA registration number: 613/P/0000115/2008) The programmes prepare learners to obtain registration with CATHSSETA – the only accepted qualifications in the tourism and hospitality industry in South Africa. The CEO, Joleen du Plessis, who has 25 years’ experience in the industry at various levels, structured the programme.

The programme provides a platform for developing the vital combination of knowledge, skills and practical work by offering contact sessions as well as practical work in the hospitality industry on a rotational basis. In addition, learners will get an understanding of different markets and their respective clients in the tourism industry by being involved in functions and events offered by the institution – a considerable part of tourism as a whole.

Intricately interwoven with the hospitality section, are the guided tours at a tourism destination. These play a central role in drawing international and domestic tourists, who make their destination decisions based on the strength of the pull factor of a destination. The Alive! in Tourism programme equips learners to guide visitors to some of the best safari and “big game” activities available in Africa as well as providing the guests with the cultural background of the area. They will be equipped to guide on game drives, walk safaris, night drives, Horse Back Safaris, Day Tours, Airport Transfers, Cultural experiences and more.

The Alive! in Tourism training programme directly addresses industry’s needs by providing fully-rounded, multi-skilled employees who are suitably equipped to cope with the ever-changing tourism industry. The integrated programme develops learners’ knowledge and skills and gives them the opportunity to apply these.  

Hospitality Training 16

At Alive! in Tourism we believe in knowledge that is a combination of experience and reflection upon experience. It is the familiarity with a subject or object including information, facts, descriptions and skills acquired through experience and education.

At Alive! in Tourism we see knowledge as both the theoretical and practical understanding of the Tourism industry.

We know that the single most important “qualification”, topping the list, and that which quality industry leaders are looking for, is EXPERIENCE. Without experience and a positive attitude, progress is limited!

One Year Tourism Training Programme

Alive! in Tourism provides a foundational platform in this one year training programme that gives exposure to both hospitality and guiding – learning about it and gaining experience in it – that is totally unique in South Africa, and even Africa .

Alive! in Tourism combines cognitive processes including reasoning, learning, communication, and association to provide a confident understanding of the industry.

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Alive PTLcc

Training at Alive! in Tourism can be offered in this format because of the partnership between Kwa Madwala partnership and Alive!PTLcc.

Alive!PTLcc is a leading private hospitality and tourism education provider in South Africa, with over 25 years of experience, recognition and status as a leading provider of quality education. Their mission is to promote hospitality and guiding excellence through quality education and training providing knowledge and skills to globally mobile people who are passionate about a career in the very diverse hospitality and tourism industry.

They are known for a proud record of turning out the highest caliber graduates who have been extensively trained in fully operational environments and are equipped with recognized qualifications.

The knowledge gained can be applied to any tourism-related establishment or service including:

  • Game and Country Lodges
  • B&Bs, Guest houses, Hotels or Hospitality Establishments
  • Safaris
  • Outdoor Activities
  • Tourist Guiding
  • Tours and Transfers
  • Functions and Events

Interaction on a personal level between trainer and student can guarantee attention to detail;

Only 10 Students Are Accommodated Per Intake

Students are confronted with real-life industry problems and are given opportunities to do supervised problem solving that is not done in most tertiary education facilities.

You Will Be Trained At A Private Game Reserve With A Real, Live, Functioning Private Safari Lodge!

The training is suited and aligned to self-disciplined and self-actualized students who are prepared to form part of a professional team and give everything they have in terms of serving others in a hospitality environment.

It is focused on guest relations and the important roles involved in entertaining clients in a holistic modern tourism environment. The Programme is suited to students who want to get involved in tourism and hospitality as a career, and although nature and cultural site guiding are included, they will equipped and qualified to handle tourism as a whole.

Our opinion as Alive! in Tourism Tourism Training Center is that conservation through eco-tourism and the concept of bringing out clients both locally and from around the globe with the intention of entertaining them in a tourism environment begins with uncompromised guest relations and a commitment to hospitality service excellence.

The way clients are treated, communicated with and the service they get from the team of staff at a specific destination is of extreme importance. Alive! in Tourism will leave this life-time “stamp” of commitment to service excellence on all trained here.

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